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  Configuration/Change Management (CM)

The product life-cycle involves continuous development, manufacturing, and maintenance. Managing these changes requires the input of multiple parties throughout the organization and supply chain. Any errors that occur during the CM process can be costly and cause delays. MEARS provides solutions to streamline the CM workflow and maintains the historical configuration data throughout the product or system’s life. Documents are routed through the MEARS review system for collaboration, commenting, and disposition. Tiered distributions facilitate a cooperative environment that allows for complete control over document visibility and voting privileges. Documents can be created in MEARS using built-in forms, as well as a free-style form for maximum flexibility:

  • Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) – DD Form 1692
  • Request for Deviation/Waiver (RFD/RFW) – DD Form 1694
  • Modification Work Order (MWO)
  • Specification Change Notice (SCN) – DD Form 1696
  • Free-Form File Routing For Everything Else

  Data Management (DM)

The Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) section of the application utilizes DD Form 1423-1 and provides a collaborative, web-based solution to meet the daily demands of Government Data Managers. MEARS incorporates Data Management into a friendly, organized format through Sets, CDRLs, and Tracking Records. Sets allow programs to organize CDRLs into folders that control user access and business rules. Tracking Records contain all dates, files, and related content associated with contractor deliveries and Government responses/dispositions, consolidating all aspects of the delivery process in a centralized location. Delivery items can be easily routed through the MEARS review system. All phases of the CDRL lifecycle can be audited and exported into a variety of reports. An overview of Data Management tasks that can be completed in MEARS are listed below:

  • Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) – DD Form 1423-1.
    • Create
    • Organize
    • Manage
  • Submittal of Contractor Deliveries
  • Government:
    • Review of Contractor Deliverables
    • Generation of Response Letter
    • Response to Contractor Submittals

  How MEARS Works

Members of the MEARS support/business teams consult with your program personnel to determine key user roles and business practices. Through the help of customer-driven mapping, MEARS can be optimized to suit your business processes. As an extension of your program, MEARS assists in determining appropriate user privileges, allowing users to fulfill multiple roles as needed.

  • Create Module:
  • Creators have the ability to:
    • Collaboratively create and edit Engineering Change Proposals (ECP), Request for Deviation / Request for Waiver (RFD / RFW), Specification Change Notice (SCN), Notice of Revision (NOR), Modification Work Order (MWO).
    • Recycle data from existing documents for quick revision
    • Attach various file formats
    • Import / Export
    • Preview the document before processing for Review
  • Review Module:
  • The Review Module is a centralized web server repository of documents.
  • Program Administrators can:
    • Create customized distribution lists of Reviewers.
  • Review Module Users can:
    • Review documents, figures, and attachments concurrently.
    • Comment on documents routed for Review.
    • Vote on documents awaitng approval.
    • Conduct virtual CCBs.
    • Digitally sign and approve documents
  • Implementation Module:
  • Implementers can:
    • Follow approved ECPs and MWOs.
    • Track and archive all milestones and comments throughout the production process.
    • Monitor specific tasks assigned to individual users.
  • CDRL Module:
  • Data Managers can create and edit Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs), group related CDRLs into on contract deliverable package, track CDRL deliverables, process reports to include deliquency reports, and export CDRLs into official DoD PDF format.
  • All CDRLs are based on DD Form 1423-1.
  • System Utilities Module:
  • Program Administrators can:
    • Update document status
    • Grant / Define user privileges.
    • Grant / Define user privileges.
    • Build customized distribution lists.
    • Define CDRL users by group.
    • Generate new programs and edit existing ones.
    • Create custom email notices, send email, and manage email distributions.
    • Produce access audit logs.
  • Reports Module:
  • Users can generate:
    • Documents status and voting reports.
    • User access and information reports
    • Custom Reports
  • Reports can also be exported to a spreadsheet.


Customer Support:

  • Virtual/On-site application end-user support
  • Customized virtual/on-site training solutions
  • Customer-involved Working Groups
  • Personalized support from 0700-1600 CST
  • Shared team mailbox/phone lines
  • Comprehensive training manuals and reference guides

System Administration:

  • Fully-maintained DoD servers
  • Daily incremental data backups
  • Dedicated senior development team
  • Data migration experts


  • GOTS Icon
  • Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) Product
  • All-inclusive pricing
  • Government-housed infrastructure
  • Authorization to Operate (ATO)
  • Army Portfolio Management Solution (APMS) registered
  • Investment Review Board (IRB) and Defense Business Council (DBC) approved
  • Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) Conformance
  • Joint Interest Program
  • Time-Money Icon
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Army savings of approximately $7.5 million annually
  • MEARS can help reduce your program’s cost(s) by:
    • Reducing travel.
    • Providing online storage capabilities.
    • Promoting faster document processing and approval rates.
    • Extending your staff with our world-class service and support.
  • No Contract Icon
  • No Contracts
  • MEARS provides a dedicated application, with premier customer service, at a resource-conscious price point. Establishment of Service Agreements between organizations and the MEARS Program Office is all that is needed.
  • No Contract Icon
  • Reduces Risk
  • No desktop software to install/maintain
  • Client-maintained/retained ownership of data (Intellectual property)
  • Government-run network infrastructure
  • DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) accreditation
  • Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) approved
  • Dual-factor authenticated login
  • Client-directed user permission levels